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Exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery – September 2015

Here are some pictures from the opening night of the Portraits exhibition in the Brick Lane Gallery on 2 September, 2015.

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Exhibition on the South Bank

Here are some lovely photographic memories of the group exhibition that I took part in earlier on this month.

A big thank you to Lemon Art and the Bankside Gallery for making this possible! 🙂

Bankside Gallery Exhibition Front

Bankside Gallery Exhibition Portrait With Staring Eyes

Visitors with Portrait

Visitors Bankside Gallery

Inside Bankside Gallery

People Figurative Art Exhibition

Micha With Isabella Bankside Gallery

People: A Figurative Exhibition curated by Lemon Art

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People: A Figurative Exhibition curated by Lemon Art
3 – 7 July 2013

Lemon Art, curated by Leah Michelle, founder of the New Artist Fair, have carefully selected 25 of their best contemporary artists creating figurative art today. The exhibition highlights the artists’ use of innovative techniques and mediums applied to create contemporary portraits and paintings of people within their environments.

There will be a private view on Thursday the 4th of July (6pm to 9pm)


I am going to begin this blog with some pictures of my first exhibition in London from last year.

It was such an exciting event, and a great opportunity to bring all my new friends from London together, as well as two friends from France and my mother who also came all the way from France.

Another great addition to the event was the musical participation of some DJ friends.

It took place in Off Broadway, a lovely little cocktail bar and Mexican tapas house in Broadway Market, Hackney.









You can see more pictures here or read my friend Emma’s original post about the event here.